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Thay Pagoda & Tay Phuong Pagoda

Thay Pagoda & Tay Phuong Pagoda

Time:  1 Days

Departure:  Thay Pagoda - Tay Phuong Pagoda

Themee:  Day Trips
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Tay Phuong Pagoda date from the seventh century, has an architecture that is a masterpiece of  wood carving in Vietnam. Its frame made of wood covered with tiles. The shape of roof is a curve, on the edge of temple roof decorated by a statue of dragon.


The pagoda situated on a hill, after climbing 238 steps of laterite you will reach to gate of pagoda. We can admire a collection of 62 beautiful wooden statues, masterpieces of the eighteenth century, including 18 statues of La Han (Arhat in India).


Not far away, Thay Pagoda, the "Temple of the Master" was erected during the reign of Ly Nhan Tong, the founder of Hanoi capital. This site is a pagoda and a small bridge. Chua Thay is dedicated to the creator of water puppetry, the venerable monk Tu Dao Hanh, known for his exemplary religious life.


The pagoda consists of two buildings. Face with the pagoda is a beautiful lake (called "dragon pond") brings gentleness and tranquility to the site. This is the place of water puppet on the occasion of festivals.


From the pagoda, a trail lead to the top of the mountain pierced with caves. At the top, there is a large smooth rock that had been said as the market of heaven where fairies and genies come there to shop and play chess during a full moon.


This site has served on numerous occasions such as the setting for the film Indochine.

Day 1: Itinerary

You can depart either in the morning at 8am or in the afternoon at 2pm depending on your convenience to visit first Thay Pagoda.

The pagoda therefore consists of 3 sections: Ha Pagoda, Trung Pagoda, and Thuong Pagoda. The outer part, Ha Pagoda, is a place for offerings and ceremonies; the middle part, Trung Pagoda, is a place for worship of Buddha; and finally, the inner part is a place for worship of Priest Tu Dao Hanh. An automated sandalwood statue of Tu Dao Hanh that stands and sits is located in a red lacquered shrine trimmed with gold and covered with a curtain.

Continue to visit Tay Phuong pagoda which is just very near to Thay pagoda. Tay Phuong architecture describes as:\"The central construction has a directing role and is consequently raised higher than the others. It symbolizes Heaven. The construction at the rear plays the role of a foundation: it symbolizes the earth. The construction closest to the world of man stands in front. The whole structure is the symbol of Thai Cuc (the Prime Principle, from which the whole world derives). The double tier of the roof symbolizes the double principle, Luong Nghi, yin and yang. The slopes, the roof on the four sides symbolize the four elements of heaven, Tu Tuong; the sun, moon, stars and deities, while the slopes on the eight sides stand for the Eight Signs of the Sacred Octagon (Bat Quai)\".

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Day 1: Itinerary

You can depart either in the morning at 8am or in the afternoon at 2pm depending on your...


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